About Us

Hi there!!!

Thanks so much for visiting our store, it means the world to me that you have found this little joy of mine.

My name is Antonella Taranto, founder, designer, maker, and all things that make Argilla Designs run. A wife and a mother of 2 young boys, I started this journey back in November 2018 after selling my first business which was a mobile coffee truck. The cutest little truck ever by the way. (Patch of Grass is what it was called and can still be found on Instagram)

Argilla Designs started when I was searching for something that little bit different in life.  Something creative, inspiring and above all lot's of fun!! Polymer clay was the thing that gave me the drive and energy to try something new. For the last 3 years I have learnt so much in the process of polymer clay, techniques, designs and colours.  Argilla Designs has appealed to a wide range of people from as little as 5year olds and above. 

I love how colour has a way that can make you happy and positive. I have always been drawn to bright vibrant colours in life and hopefully I have brought this to my designs.  I believe wearing colours that you are drawn to gives you that positivity and energy that makes you shine everyday.  

This creative outlet for me is my space to show you who I am. I have a love for colour and believe colour has a positive connection to each person.  You gravitate to certain colours for a reason and when designing my logo the orange and yellow were the colours that naturally came to mind.  Only to realise later these reflect the creative, motivation and determination of the internal Chakra.

My designs are purely based on my feelings at the time and what I gravitate towards on the day. Some pieces are so bright and fun which reflects my excitement and happiness.  My most muted tones I have found to reflect my calming nature and relaxation.  I hope something of Argilla Designs resonates with you, that makes you smile, feel good and above all happy.

Each piece is unique, so no two pairs are the same. A lot of my designs are one off's which makes it even more special for the owner.

I hope you can follow my journey with Argilla Designs now and into the future as we continue to bring fun, colourful accessories to your ears and life.

Lots of love,