TLC for your earrings

All earrings have been made from polymer clay and occasionally with resin.  Each piece is handmade with care so here are a few tips to keep your earrings safe:

*keep your earrings away from water (no swimming or showers whilst wearing them)

* Avoid any hairsprays, lotions or perfume near your earrings especially with foil accents

*Please refrain from pulling down on your earrings as this may cause them to break as Polymer clay will have some flexibility. Polymer clay is very durable however like many things, these can break too if not treated gently.

*Keep them safe away from direct sunlight

*Store safely away from any sharp objects, keeping them flat or attached to an earring stand where possible

*To clean any dirt or makeup off your earrings use a damp soft piece of fabric and wipe gently or use a baby wipe. Do not submerge in water

*Sterling silver hooks will tarnish and a simple polishing cloth can be used to buff the hook

*Keep them away from children as they may become a choking hazard

*Please also note there are no refunds or exchanges once earrings have been sent out. If you have a concern with your earrings in the unfortunate circumstance they arrive damaged from shipment please contact us.  We will require photos asap on delivery for assessment.